Life Cure Team

Charie Flynn

Charie Flynn is the president and founder of Life Cure Foundation. She is earning a Master's degree in Human development with an emphasis in Leadership and Education. Her research focuses on health disparities and yoga meditation therapy in marginalized populations. She traveled to India to study yoga and is now an instructor and educator for the practice. 

Shaela Flynn

Shaela Flynn is founder and project manager of  Life Cure Foundation. She earned her BA in Business Administation from Hope International University. She uses her creative eye to effectively align our mission with opportunities for expanded service.  

Morathi Howie

Morathi Howie is the founder and CEO of Vegan Love Culture. He has been living the vegan lifestyle for 20 years  and relocated to Africa for over a decade. He has dedicated his work towards implementing nutrition and health education within the community. 

Shaniece Flynn

Shaniece is the founder and social media relations coordinator. She is a current student at Sacramento State University studying child development. It is her dream to make a difference in the world through youth empowerment. 

Ezekiel Philips

Ezekiel Philips is a Moorehouse graduate, author and yogi. This Los Angeles native has traveled the world and created content to inspire those in disadvantaged communities. His book "Travels of a Renaissance Man" touches on Mental Health and traveling beyond the boundries of the United States. 

Reggie Foster

Reggie Foster is the CEO of the Champs up Movement. Their production team highlights champion profiles and brings personal and professional youth development programs using a 22 principle system.