Our Programs

 Mentorship Program for the Youth:

Young men get the opportunity to sit in the inspiration chair with Barber Specialist Myles White. Mr. White teaches on the laws and commandments while he establishes a relationship with the young men. Not only do they walk away with a fresh hair cut feeling good about themselves, but they have been counseled in key areas of life. Black Men have the highest rates of incarceration and death in the United States. Our organization is striving to reverse these catastrophic realities. 


Virtual Yoga Classes 

Yoga Practitioner Charie Flynn White teaches yoga meditation therapy to inner city youth. Her programs have transitioned online due to Covid. Giving the children tools to cope with trauma, loss and change are going to be essential in maintaining their development. 


Device Free Sundays 

Device Free Sundays is a 2021 challenge that we invite our family, friends and clients to be apart of. Detaching from wifi, devices and other distractions give one the ability to explore self on human level. We recognize the harm social media can have on the mental body so we started this to implement balance. 


Laughter Yoga 

We are spreading love, joy and peace over our monthly virtual laughter yoga classes. Individuals are invited in the chat room for prayer, testimony and laughter. Studies have reveled the positive efficacy of laughter on the body so we are here to implement that aspect in a time of extreme seriousness.