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Life Cure Foundation

We are a grassroot non profit organization that Kingdom builds. Our Mission is to love, inspire and empower at risk youth and adults who deal with poor economic conditions. We approach disparities on a holistic level. Thank you for visiting our page. May peace, love and healing be with you.

Serving the community since 2014

We are a group of God's children implementing wellness strategies to help combat the mental and physical health crisis that the African American community faces. Our outreach services feed and clothe the homeless and provide yoga meditation educational courses.

Teaching stillness

Uplifting the youth
Feeding and clothing the homeless
Los Angeles Homeless Count

Virtual Yoga Classes

The study of yoga and the implementation of the therapy in communities of color will shift the trajectory of mental health deterioration. We instruct yoga to inner city youth, pregnant women, and at risk adults through virutal classes.

Laughter Yoga

Our monthly laughter yoga classes is designed to bring joy to participants. Studies shows laughter as a medicine. It releases endorphines in the body and lowers stress levels.

Device Free Sundays

Device Free Sundays are a mental health initiative. The human experience is overstimulated by the amount of time we spend with technology. Spending time with self is necessary to sustain proper sanity.

Intentional Efforts


Homelessness, poor nutrition, lack of access to health care and a shortage of money circumaltion in our communities plagues the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of people of color.

The Study of Yoga


Barbados 2021 Spiritual Healing Retreat