Ice Cream Social @ Pilgrim Tower East

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On July 27th we were pleased and honored to spend a joyous, and eventful day with the amazing staff, and residents at Pilgrim Tower East Retirement housing. We are so thankful for these people, and all of the service, and sustenance they provide on a daily basis. In celebration of all the love and great…

Creative Living Seminar

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Our donation boxes were decorated by the community and placed in a variety of locations. These donations are then brought to ACTS thrift store where they go towards the Life Cure Foundation voucher system that we use to help clothe the homeless population.

Reaching Out

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Unfortunate circumstances are not partial to who they decide to affect, and neither are we. Our life coaches find joy and take pride in helping as many people as we can, where ever we can. Here is small peek into the world of a life coach.


Missionary Project

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A life coach came across an at risk family. This single father and his two children were in need of great assistance during their transition of moving into a new home. We pulled up as a team and worked together to get the trailers all cleaned out and ready for move in.  Here’s a glimpse…

Team Building Blocks:

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We organized a  game of volleyball into a team activity that depended on the player’s communication and efforts. The goal was to see how long we could keep the ball in rotation while cheering on our team mates.



Ecuador Outreach Mission

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A group of life coach students traveled to Quito, Ecuador to study health and human services by conducting 90 hours of volunteer work through the Cimas foundation URL: They engaged with the locals by becoming  familiar with the people, food, and life styles. Visiting hospitals, clinics, schools, farms, and flower plantations helped students interact in…