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Our Vision

Life Cure Foundation is a movement of life coaches who are dedicated to the belief system of servicing others and embracing the true meaning of community. Our movement uses a combination of techniques, practices, and beliefs to holistically cure individuals from experiencing pain and suffering as a result of lacking human resources. Love is relatively the cure for all of our unique yet collective struggles. We are here as a community of life coaches to extend our resources and unconditional love.

Our Mission is to love, inspire, and empower at risk youth and adults who deal with poor economic conditions. We work closely with homeless individuals and lower income families. Here at Life Cure Foundation, our flexible programs and techniques are designed to elevate lifestyles. We encourage our at risk population to use creative living as a means of achieving self-sustainability and happiness.


Spread the word

Spreading the word about Life Cure Foundation brings our communities opportunities of greatness. We strongly believe that true change happens when the collective efforts of many come together. Please submit your information and leave a comment, one of our team members will be sure to reach out to you.

Become a Life Coach

Are you a leader that advocates social change in your lifestyle. If so, we welcome you to our community and encourage you to become involved by joining the movement as a life coach. If you can submit your information, a team member will reach out to you with information on how to become and interactive life coach for Life Cure Foundation.

Host an Event

We need your help! If you are interested in hosting one of our events in your community please feel free to share your innovative thoughts and ideas.


Become an active volunteer by sharing some of valuable time with us. Our events can always use positive helping hands. We welcome people from all walks of life to come out and have fun as you participate in meaningful causes for the human race.



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Wellness Center

We use a combination of universally applied practices to enhance health and wellness. At risk individuals often deal with an array of traumatic situations causing them to be wired through anxiety, depression, and a lack of self-esteem. The following activities are the baseline of our wellness operation.

Education Center

Our education sector provides useful tools and knowledge to raise consciousness. Many lower income individuals struggle with finding the resources to help advance them academically. We formulate academic material, indigenous wisdom, and life knowledge into meaningful experiences for the learner. The major areas of our focus are listed below.



Many opportunities seem absent, and are far and too few for the underprivileged. By providing these populations with the proper education on what resources are available they realize that opportunities exist . This newfound knowledge not only inspires but it encourages our population to go out and capitalize on the benefits provided for them. In turn allowing for them to generate more opportunities for others to follow.



What we allow to go in our body plays a major role in what our bodies can do, how our bodies feel, how our bodies look, and how long our bodies will last. With this being said it is imperative that we educate ourselves, and each other on the importance of a healthy diet. Improper food intake has had adverse affects on much of our population as many of us lack the knowledge or the resources it takes to build and maintain a proper diet. We inform, and direct our people towards the path of a healthy diet fueling them towards the path of a healthy lifestyle. As we say at Life Cure foundation, “you are what you consume.”


Preventative Methods

Routine screenings and checkups are vital components in maintaining one’s health, and preventing chronic illness. We provide substance abuse prevention because substance abuse leads to codependency and plagues not only adults, but our youth as well. The ability to highlight and focus on one's positive behaviors, and encourage a change is key in preventing future substance dependence.

Stability Center

We train individuals to earn a living through practicing entrepreneurialism. Many have gone without work for extended periods of time and need assistance with finding ways to reinvent themselves. Here they can develop useful skills while gaining a salary to improve their life status. The flexibility of this system has positively impacted the mindset of individuals striving for betterment.

Team Spotlight

Meet Charie

Charie Flynn is the founder and President of Life Cure Foundation. Charie Received a bachelors of Arts in Human Development with experience in applied research at California State University San Marcos. During her academic career, Charie studied abroad at Hong Kong Baptist University and took an internship in Quito, Ecuador. Her unique passion for serving underprivileged populations is shown through her life work. Charie is an international community activist who has conducted social outreach in the following countries: Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, and Beijing.”


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